Saturday, September 1, 2007

wake up call

i love pooka. she and her sister are the center of my universe (or pretty damn close to it), but she has a harsh wake up call coming.

she sat at dinner telling us that michael said she's not a princess. but her other friends say she is. of course, they're princesses too. and sean is a prince.

apparently michael is a new kid who doesn't know the law of the land.

another day, she complained of a pre-schooler calling her a butt-head and saying she was a boy because she was wearing camo pants (they are pink ...)

so far her life has been a super love-fest. a mutual admiration society whose object of admiration is pooka. you know that ain't gonna last.

she is a very charming and charismatic child, but she can be a little bossy. ok, a lot bossy. she tends to see places she frequents as her domain and groups of people she sees regularly as her constituents. (i used to do that when i was younger, too.)

i want to save her from the hurt that will come when kids don't want to play with her because of her bossiness, but she has to learn that she doesn't run the universe. the only way to get that lesson through to her is to let the other kids show her. explaining it won't sink in.

i hope that she can get it and rebound quickly. she didn't have too much trouble finding friends to play with before the diagnosis. being away from her peers has really affected her personality. some facets developed in a positive way, and some not so much.