Tuesday, September 18, 2007

bronze or lace?

today is our 8th wedding anniversary. it's also the 12th anniversary of when we moved in (to my college dorm room) together. it's also the 13th anniversary of our first date. (we wanted to minimize the number of dates to remember. )

we made the decision to get married a scant 6 weeks into our relationship. some people saw immediately that we were a perfect fit, some thought it a bit rushed. it took 5 years to get married, i don't think it was all that rushed.

we make a very good team, in our own humble opinions. we have many common interests and some separate interests for when we need space. each of us even has some understanding of those separate interests so that we don't have to feel alienated at any time.

we have complementary strengths and weakness that ensure our house and family are pretty well taken care of. it's most noticeable when dealing with the kids. when one of us is just about to snap out of patience, the other one steps in and resolves the situation. (it's also apparent in the kitchen: he is an excellent cook and i can wash some mean dishes.) that symmetry came in very handy when we faced the biggest challenge of our lives, single or married. it's the kind of challenge that can either galvanize a marriage or rip it apart. i think we belong in the former category.

we have our minor issues, which are greatly exacerbated by money troubles. for the most part, though, we are quite harmonius. i think that's why we feel like we've been together forever.

i love you, kisu. here's to the next 13 years.

p.s. the title refers to the traditional gifts for the 8th and 13th anniversaries, respectively. does anyone still adhere to that antiquated convention?