Friday, September 7, 2007

do i have to eat the worm?

we had a bunch of early birds this morning. i heard pooka's radio playing a little before 6. my alarm doesn't go off until 6:10, so i was not particularly happy about hearing her. then, of course, when 6:10 came around, i hit the snooze button. all this is not helping me achieve my goal of getting up early enough to not rush around and rudely hurry pooka to get ready. it will get worse next week when i have to gather up the goods for 2 kids.

usually bug goes back to sleep after the 630 feeding but today, she was wide awake. her schedule has been wacky since the therapy started. it doesn't look like she's working all that hard, but i guess her insides are really burning up the energy. she has been noticeably more tired. and yet, she was wide awake this morning.

there was even an early-rising bunny rabbit in the backyard, she got to eat a ripe tomato still on the vine, instead of the proverbial worm.