Sunday, November 30, 2008

2 to 4 players, ages 6 and up

we had a nice thanksgiving, even though it felt a little rushed for me, having worked until 11pm wednesday and then a little more than a full day on friday.

turkey day was relaxing at dad and tina's. we napped, watched a little football, ate a lot, and capped off the evening with a rousing game of scattergories.

we were several rounds in when pooka, in addition to her usual role as die-caster and timer operator, chimed in with some answers. what a delight to see her reading the categories and trying to find answers that fit. some of them were prime choices, too.

later in the weekend, we went to adrian to see kevin and marianne. the girls had a night out to see a production of a christmas carol at the croswell. pooka wore her very mature theatre outfit.

sunday the boys went to the movies, while the girls entertained ourselves by playing board games. pooka tried her hand at scrabble, and while i helped (a lot) she did give it a try and added up our points for us.

i am so proud of her and how she's growing up. and soooo glad that she is moving beyond candyland.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


i haven't been writing much here. i have been way too busy playing saving the planet. otherwise known as playing solitaire on facebook.

i have become one of the many addicts to that social network. once i got past the rigorous vetting process (it seems they didn't believe my name really was megachick) i quickly got hooked by how many darn people i know. in fact, the first hour, i contacted a friend from college who happened to be doing freelance work right that minute next door at my very own employer!

and it snowballed from there. although, to be honest, it's starting to slow down. i'm re-discovering that there really is a limit to how much solitaire you can play before your brain starts to liquify. that's why i started this hobby in the first place.

so eventually i'll come back here and start retuning my writing skills and paying attention to my children in order to have material on which to use those skills.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Do Good Sunday

Today like ! my mom said ! was Do Good Sunday I was Doing washing toys!
It was fun but there was A lot of toys to clean we got through all the toys.

*********************from pooka

ice queen

lately pooka and i have been getting along a lot better. she has been behaving and i have had a longer fuse, miraculously. despite her usual attitude toward me, she is actually a very sweet and caring child.

today was "do-good sunday" at church and my chore was to pick up trash at the local clinic that the church supports. i wanted to do something physical but had no idea that we would get a snow squall in the middle of the day. we were coated and soaking wet. when i finally came home, i wanted to bury myself under the blankets and sleep away the chill i felt in my bones. pooka was sympathetic. she also wanted to avoid folding her laundry. while i was sleeping, she thoughtfully covered me up--with every blanket she could find. i awoke feeling a little bit like i was sleeping in a furnace.

but my feet were still cold!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

i love my church family

never before have i been somewhere where they clamor to take care of your children. last year we went to a christmas party and people were grabbing bug left and right to hold her, carry her, feed her. after services on sunday, they often do the same, one day almost fighting over her.

this year, they moved kids' choir rehearsal to wednesday night at a time we couldn't make. the director volunteered to drive waaay out of her way to pick up pooka from latchkey and get her to church. when the logistics ultimately didn't work out for her, a friend whose daughter is also in the choir called and asked if i minded if she picked up pooka instead. mind? why would i mind? you guys are doing all the work for me!

i have now performed twice in the sweet spirit choir and both times i have heard compliments, "good to see you up there. you sounded great."

this place is chock-full of lovely individuals who truly want you to fully enjoy the atmosphere and experience the fellowship. i love it here! i'm so happy to discover what i was missing by running out the door as soon as the last amen was said.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

reduce, reuse, recycle has a limit

i am a pretty strong force for the 3 r's in our house. we use canvas shopping bags, we fill our bin weekly with milk jugs and glass jars, and we reuse plastic containers as much as possible. kisu participates if he thinks about it and pooka follows me fairly closely. i think bug will be a believer, too.

butt, i think she may push it a little too far.

the other day while pretending to use the training potty, she got some tp and wiped (her belly button, mostly), put it in the bowl, then pulled it out and wiped again. she actually repeated this several times. thank goodness she hadn't actually used the potty. pooka and i were cracking up, but clearly we've got a ways to go on the training.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

thug bug

our little bully put this outfit together on her own, except for the pajamas which she was already wearing. she pulls the potty into the bathroom, sits on it (clothed), gets up and pushes it back into the living room. maybe soon she'll really use it.