Tuesday, August 11, 2009

it's no accident

we have begun the potty training process with bug. she has been using the toilet sporadically since november, but i figured we'd wait to go full bore until the summer, when she could presumably spend most of her time outside, thereby reducing the inside messes needing to be cleaned. (we all know cleaning is not my strong suit.) also, i wasn't sure i could find underwear small enough to fit her little peanut's dupah. i was thinking i might have to shop at the toy store for clothes from one of those 'just like me' dolls. (just like me--only bigger!)

when we returned from the family picnic, we jumped on the bandwagon. i sent her to school monday morning in her cute little underwear, which she loves. we actually had an accident before we even left the house, but then she had 2 more at school and one later in the evening. not too bad for a first day.

the next couple days seemed to get worse, with poopy accidents thrown into the mix. of course, we were doing small loads of laundry every night. the results at the end of the week were not great. i was waiting for the day care ladies to say, "she's just not ready. let's give her a couple more months." but they never did. so we went into the weekend fairly optimistically.

saturday morning was rough, because i left her home with kisu. (i wasn't about to take her grocery shopping with me.) we're all a little rusty on this process, so he had to clean up a few accidents that may or may not have been his fault. (he learned that if she says she's poopy, you better get her to the potty, even if she doesn't stink.) the rest of the day was not bad.

sunday was quite good. i did backtrack a little by putting her in a diaper for church. i didn't want to saddle some unknowing, kind-hearted nursery volunteer with that kind of trouble. the time she did spend in undies that day was successful, (i even had pooka take her potty once) until poppa showed up. that was just too much excitement for her and she had an accident.

monday morning, the day care director shared a little insight with me. they noticed that bug seemed to be having more accidents outside and the circumstances, along with her behavior, led her to believe that bug was doing it intentionally so that she could change her shoes. apparently she had a poopy mess one time which didn't leak down to her sandals and when the teacher didn't replace them with sneakers, bug pitched a horrific fit. so we tried keeping her in sneakers all day monday and guess what?


is that one smart kid, or what? they also said she woke up dry from her nap. can it really be this easy? one week? of course not, but it looks like it won't be too bad.

i'm so proud of her. and of course thrilled at the prospect of cutting down our diaper usage. a side benefit: her cute little dupah looks even more adorable in tiny, tiny underwear!

how cute is this kid?