Friday, February 27, 2009

cheese extravaganza

kisu and i don't consider ourselves foodie snobs, but we do think that we know how to appreciate the finer goodies in life. to a certain extent. we are both at least willing to give everything a taste test. often, the most pretentious items just don't suit our palettes. for example, neither one of us cares for caviar or wine, really.

what we do like, though, is cheese. i would even consider a trip through europe based primarily on cheese-tasting, in fact. (and i have seen them advertised, btw.) we are perfectly fine with american slices on grilled cheese, but also enjoy a nice, sharp aged cheddar or a smoky swiss. periodically we get cheese on the brain. several months ago i scouted the cheese case at the grocery store and came home with a garlic cheddar (great on lunch sandwiches) and a cranberry wensleydale that was like dessert.

last weekend, we wanted to scope out a more upscale place but neither of the girls were up to leaving the house. we actually attempted to get a babysitter so that we could go out and buy cheese together.


anyway, i consented to let kisu go alone and he came back with a smoked swiss, apple cinnamon monterey jack, and mango ginger stilton. the first and last we adored. the middle one was only alright. you could see the apples, but not really taste them and monterey jack itself is a very mild cheese. i ended up putting it on pooka's turkey sandwich this week. the mango/ginger was pretty much killed in a day and a half and the swiss is gone as of today.

this weekend we are putting another expedition on the to do list. we will drag the children if necessary. that's how tight the grip of cheese is upon us right now.

thank goodness we're not lactose intolerant.