Sunday, September 9, 2007

sweet potato bug

bug had her first official taste of solids this weekend. (as opposed to the unofficial tastes that my sister and parents keep sneaking into her mouth. such as: pancakes, chocolate, limes, guacamole, and pickles. nothing like freaking out a nascent palate.)

i would like to avoid the processed baby cereal and jarred foods if i can (but the current trend of my milk collection is not looking so good.)

in the vein of homemade baby food making, i boiled and mashed a sweet potato. (yes, i can boil water.)

bug took to it very quickly. she ate about 1 tablespoon on saturday and almost 2 tablespoons today. there was very little spillage, although today she managed to get a gob of it on her hand and spread it around before i caught her. i thought i wiped it all off, but pooka later pointed out that bug had sweet pota"toe"s. oops.

then pooka declared that they are obviously sisters, because, "we're both messy." hmm, well, that makes you related to just about all the babies on the planet....

it should be interesting to see what her diapers look like this week, although they already had a tendency to be orange...that will be something for the daycare providers to take care of because {drum roll, please} she starts tomorrow! (in case you're not following, that means kisu got a job! more on that later.)