Tuesday, September 11, 2007

pooka ballerina

for the past 2 years, pooka has been all over ballet. i don't know that she's ever seen it outside of 'angelina ballerina', but she wants it. she wants it bad.

if you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she'll say a ballerina. (i love my kid, she's wonderful and special, but a ballerina body she ain't got.) she won't even recognize the fact that you can have one thing as a hobby, and something else as a profession. of course, she's too young to need to know about JOBS that earn MONEY. i guess it's a good thing that she feels she can do something she (thinks she) loves all the time as an adult. that particularly mind-numbing reality can wait.

granny promised to enroll pooka in ballet lessons. pooka has been counting down the days until the first class. it was yesterday.

i haven't heard anything about it from pooka, since she got home just in time to go to bed, but i gather that she had a fabulous time. she started learning some stretches and mnemonic devices for the things she will regularly have to do in ballet. she can't wait for her next class. she has to wait ONE WHOLE WEEK.