Thursday, September 6, 2007

creative trance

i love to watch people create art. sketching, painting, hell, even coloring. it puts me into a zen-like trance. i could watch for hours. (come to think of it, watching other people do housework- like washing windows or vacuuming- also has that effect on me.) so stumbling onto this guy's website will pretty much guarantee that i will get no work done for the foreseeable future. it's awesome, and it makes my hands itch to create something of me own. of course, my stuff just looks like scribble.

i'm such a frustrated artist. when i walk into a craft store, it's hard to control myself. i want to buy everything and start a million projects. problem is, i never have a practical project to do. i don't want to do something just to have it laying around the house. sell it? pfft. my talent's not that great. and if i can't find a purpose to which the project can be put once completed, i can't justify spending the money on the supplies and tools.

so, for now i'll content myself with surfing youtube, looking for videos of other, talented people who have projects to complete and pictures to create. nirvana, here i come.