Friday, September 21, 2007


after having such a quiet social calendar, it's getting crazy for pooka. we have the camp casey pageant event this saturday after the baby shower for noel and nancy. sunday we have tickets from make-a-wish for the tigers game. now pooka has an invitation to a schoolmate's birthday party for saturday, as well.

we tried to explain to her that a) the pageant was a rarer event and b) we already rsvp'd for the pageant, and we would be taking a spot that another little girl could have filled. she still wanted to go to the party. so i was weak, because i didn't want to drive all the way to port huron and back so late. i called the party mom and said we would be there. it was a rock and a hard place for me because i didn't particularly want to go to another princess party, either.

tonight, pooka decided she wanted to go to the pageant after all. (i had never told them we wouldn't be going. not out of any motherly prescience, but out of wanting to avoid their disappointment.) i decided that although i had been delinquent in my parental duties in the first place allowing this situation to get so muddy, i could make a good example of standing up, taking responsibility, and trying to clear it up. with pooka listening, i called the party mom and told her the whole story. she was very understanding and hoped that we could get together another time.

problem solved. hopefully pooka learned from my example.