Thursday, September 13, 2007

i crack me up

we have been blessed with two kids who have a sense of humor. a somewhat mystifiying sense of humor, but whatever.

bug just laughs and laughs for no reason. i was carrying her to the tub for a bath and she burst into these adorable little chuckles for no reason. hmm, maybe it was just because she was naked (our girls do like the buff).

she has impressed the people at daycare with her easy laughter. i think somewhere inside her head there's a gag reel on permanent loop.

last night she was laughing like a loon everytime she looked at pooka. pooka didn't even have to do anything, just look back at bug. she was cackling like a hyena. it was hilarious. her laughing made pooka and i laugh, so we were all sounding like maniacs.

pooka has a unique brand of knock-knock joke. um, i call it the 'that ain't funny' kind. but she doesn't care. she'll tell it over and over and be surprised that people still aren't getting it, but ultimately not care because she thinks it's hilarious, dammit.

i actually tried to explain it to her once. how knock-knock jokes are funny because they play on the sound of a word. i even gave her specific examples and highlighted the operative words. i think i even suprised myself with my own stick-in-the-mud-ishness. dissecting the mechanics of a knock-knock joke? seriously?

it's becoming increasingly apparent that i am too clinical for my own good. i need to lighten up.

but pooka's jokes still aren't funny.