Wednesday, September 26, 2007


i didn't even know that was a word. cool.

our third match was against a team called 3 Citizens and a Brit. we thought about crying foul on a technicality, since their Brit didn't make the start of the match, but he eventually showed up claiming he had been at a client meeting. whatever. with a $500 pot on the line, you have to get your priorities straight.

We got off to a rough start, quickly falling behind 5-0. We struggled throughout the match to regain the sure-handedness that had steered us so finely through our previous games. The course was wet and played to our opponents’ style of play: backhanded bombs that soar and then plummet to an exact location. Our team uses a bowling technique that relies on predictable dry ground.

It was a see-saw battle, with neither team being able to score max points in any end. We eked out a measly single point almost every time.

Finally, our luck seemed to change. With the score sitting at 18-12, we went on a crawl run that culminated in our eventual victory. I had joked that as soon as we took a lead, however small, we would conveniently call the game due to time limit. That turned out to be unnecessary.

I felt greatly redeemed for my abysmal play when I was able to secure the winning point. It was my turn to throw the pallina (?) and then the first bocce. The other team was unable to land any closer than I had, and so my teammates didn’t even have to throw.

Phew. What a nail-biter.