Monday, September 10, 2007

bug's first day

today was bug's first day at daycare. i was a little nervous, but only as it concerned making sure they had everything they needed for her. i wasn't worried about being away from her, or how they would treat her. this is the same facility that took pooka at 7 months of age, and it's the exact same person, in fact.

of course they wanted an idea of what her typical day is. i had no idea! kisu is the one who knows those details. when she's with me, she obviously drinks straight from the tap, which directly affects the quantity/frequency of her eating and sleeping, as well. she's a pretty easygoing kid, though, so i trust that they'll figure it out. i gave them a rough guide and 3 bottles. i'm sure they'll be fine.


she slurped through all 3 bottles way too soon, slept a total of 50 minutes, and had a major blowout diaper. yeah, i'd say it was a lovely 8 hours.

honestly, the workers (what do you call a daycare person in shorthand? we usually say teacher.) said she was very good despite her hunger and laughed a lot. that's our typical bug.