Monday, September 3, 2007

labor day weekend

we had a very nice weekend. after doing quite a bit of housework on saturday, we took off sunday for the magees, a bbq, and swimming.

we had SO MUCH FOOD. it was all good. we did lots of swimming. pooka showed off to granny and poppa. she finally ditched the kickboard for quite a while. she is getting better and better. next summer she should have no trouble at all. at the end of the weekend she complained that her shoulders were sore from so much swimming.

she even started getting used to going under water. she's not clearing her nose under water, but she's stopped throwing tantrums over getting dunked. kisu told her that if she splashed/squirted him, he was going to dunk her. apparently her fear of submersion was not nearly as strong as her delight in getting him wet.

i got a little burn on my back, but not too bad. i was hoping to get some more color for the wedding, but that's probably so far away that it'll fade again anyway.

we finally came home from a weekend in adrian early enough to actually prepare for the day after. the girls got bathed, we made pooka's lunch, and got school clothes laid out. then we snuggled and went to bed. ahhhh.