Saturday, September 8, 2007

the dairy barn

pumping milk at work has not been a problem. until this week.

on two separate occasions, i had intruders. both of whom had projects for me. the first time i was able to put it off until the end of my session, but the second time i had to cut the session short, because they also needed to use the office for a conference call.

the first intruder was unflappable, as she is an old hand at motherhood. the second was a bit flustered and very apologetic for having to interrupt.


since jen has come back from maternity leave, she has adapted a (newly) vacant office on the other side of the floor to her purposes. i may have to start sharing with her, since my official location down on the 4th floor is going to be permanently occupied soon. the new space is ok, but i get a little jumpy since there is a lot of traffic right outside the door. jen papered over the window, but it still sounds like the door is opening constantly. not exactly conducive to the relaxed state i need in order to maximize my milk collection.