Friday, August 31, 2007

the garden resurrected

i went out today to clear the garden, and to my surprise i found:
a new crop of green beans
some beets growing-halfway above ground
2 full size cukes hiding in my raspberry bush!
at least 4 gherkin-sized nascent cucumbers
more blossoms on the eggplant-plant

i guess:
the cukes weren't a failure
better late than never on the thinning

i pulled many weeds, did some more thinning on the carrots and beets, removed dead zuke and squash plants (most of which had been decimated by some critter), pulled up some corn stalks (one of which had some NASTY mold growing on what would have been an ear of corn), radically trimmed down the front tomato plant (which had been mostly laying on the lawn), and relocated the wandering pumpkin vine so that it wrapped back around the front of the garden towards its point of origin.