Friday, August 10, 2007

going green

saw these on strollerderby.

they look like a good idea, but the inserts seem kind of pricey. will they last longer (ie. absorb more urine) than a typical disposable? otherwise, i would be churning through them too quickly to make this an affordable option.

i want my family to be more eco-friendly, but the problem frequently is the upfront cost. i know in the long, long run it'll be cheaper, but the cash issue is an insurmountable obstacle right now. why is it so expensive to do the right thing? why aren't more companies taking the big steps necessary to become greener so that it's easier for consumers to be green, as well?

some solutions are more expensive than others and some are more effective than others. obviously, insulating the house better will help cut down on wasted energy -and the bill- but major home improvements are not in the budget. however, i will try to buy more efficient light bulbs the next time we burn out.

i would like to cut down on gas consumption, but it's just not feasible for me to turn my 45 minute commute into a bike ride. i think my vehicle is fairly economical on gas, average at worst, but i often wish i had gone for the hybrid version.

i recycle whenever possible and certainly try to keep the wasted energy to a minimum, but these are basic steps that anyone can and should do. it takes effort to step out of the comfort zone and do more for the environment. i'm not ready to step out of that comfort zone. basically, i want others to make the sacrifices and investments necessary for eco-friendly products and services so that i don't have to. i can just follow along when being green is mainstream.

what are some more easy ways for the lazy and cheap (like me!) to help the environment?