Saturday, August 18, 2007

a day at the poop

i mean zoo.

everywhere we went, animals were pooping. i realize this is a natural function and every living thing does it, but why did they have to do it while we were looking?

the polar bear was taking a nap for the entire time it took us to meander through his exhibit. finally, upon waking, he paced in a small circle, aimed his butt squarely at the observation glass, and dropped a pile.

everyone in the observation room applauded.

we went through the new outback exhibit (really cool, despite the inactivity of the mob) and the kangas got up from their group lay-about, and pooped.

the grizzly bear, disturbed from his nap perhaps by the idiot who tried roaring at him, stood up and promptly gave his critical opinion of said idiot. that is, a steaming gob of crap.

i have no physical proof, but in light of the strong connection between waking and defecating, i suspect that all these individuals were male. maybe if we had stayed but a moment longer, they would have shaved as well...