Friday, August 3, 2007

stay at home mom-sew what?

this week i got the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. it's weird how different it feels being home with the girls on a weekday vs the weekend.

wednesday i was home with bug while kisu took pooka to clinic. this was a treat because i wasn't really home with only her during my maternity leave. i think it was probably easier now, since she's not eating every 2 hours . i actually got a lot of stuff done. dishes, breakfast, fold laundry, play, nap, dishes while she slept, play, fold laundry, vacuum, lunch, play, nap, watch monk and 4400 while she slept, play, fold laundry. (yes, there was a LOT of laundry). yes, there was a LOT of laundry.

thursday i was only home in the morning while kisu went on an interview. bug slept a lot. i taught pooka how to mend clothes.

a seamstress i am not, but i can replace buttons and close holes. pooka wanted to do some, but i was already done, so she went to her room determined to find something that needed mending. i was a little concerned that she might damage something on purpose just to have a chance to fix it. in a way, i was right.

the shirt she brought down had been cut with scissors by her on purpose, but that was a long time ago. it was a perfect project really, because i wouldn't care what it looked like after she was done and, of course, neither would she. so i showed her how to thread the needle, knot the thread, hold the fabric, and make stitches. she was thrilled.

oh, the domestic bliss.