Tuesday, August 21, 2007

random bits of pooka

rude gestures:
pooka and i were playing candyland one day, with bug next to me in her pod. at one point when i was occupied with bug, pooka went ahead and took some turns for me. i tried to get out of the rest of the game by saying that she was doing so well by herself, but she wouldn't let me. she said she was just helping me out while i was 'distracted. and she used finger-quotes.

get funky:
tonight pooka had radiodisney on while cleaning the play area. she was trying very hard to be productive while wriggling her dupah. when a certain song came on, she stopped and sang/talked along with it, "time to get funky, y'all" and she proceeded to. boy am i glad she's going to be taking lessons.

xtreme sliding:
pooka decided to reassemble the toddler play structure. at her advanced age, it's no longer as much fun as it used to be, so she decided to spice it up a bit. she poured bubbles on the slide and was sliding in only her underwear. she had bubble juice all over her body. later we asked her what prompted her to get the structure out, she replied, "every 104 months, i clean it."

yeah, that's about as often as i clean, too.