Monday, August 20, 2007

weighty issues

things are getting heavy at our house. kisu needs to lose drastically to try and eliminate the need for the many medicines he takes. i need to lose the baby weight. pooka needs to overcome the side effects of the medicine compounded by the sedentariness that resulted from the illness. emma looks like she's about to have 20 babies. bug is the only entity in our family allowed to gain weight right now.

we're trying to lighten up.

thanks to an incentive program from our health insurance, kisu is participating in weight watchers. i am very proud of him for swallowing his pride (that's low-cal, y'know) and seeking 'professional' help. even more, for admitting that there is a nutritional element to weight loss and healthy living, and not exclusively a weight training component. after all, you have to eat, you don't always get the time to go to the gym. he is doing well and has already seen good progress. there is still a long road to travel, but he seems comfortable with the program and it's required meetings.

both the regular doc and the oncologist have said that pooka needs to lose weight. at her size/age, a couple pounds makes a big difference. she ballooned up with that first course of steroids, and hasn't come down yet. again, part of it is the medicine itself, which will continue for the better part of another year. another major factor is lack of movement, a problem that plagues the whole family. we are desperately hoping that starting kindergarten will soon have her in a much trimmer condition. she will never be willowy like some kids her age (let's face it, some of them are downright stick-like!), but she should get back to a healthy weight for her naturally larger frame. since the oncologist pointed this out last month, she has lost a pound. the responsibility for pooka's health rests upon kisu and i. we need to get her moving and make sure she eats healthy.

bug's 4 months old and i have yet to lose the baby weight.. i am eager to get back to the shape i was in just before i got pregnant. i had worked very diligently the previous 6 months to make sure i was fit for carrying a baby. i had worked off 35 pounds and was feeling AWESOME! i have an added incentive for the short term: i need to fit into a bridesmaid dress in 2 months. my main problem right now is balancing healthy weight loss with maintaining milk production. breastfeeding is supposed to be a naturally slimming function, but as with many biological functions, i appear to be wired bassackwards. i feel that if i don't eat constantly, my production starts to suffer. and since i am obsessed with being able to exclusively provide my infant's nutrition for at least 2 more months, i am willing to put off regaining my pre-gravid fitness. at least i haven't been gaining weight. and i ordered the bridesmaid dress in my current size.

bug...bug is perfect. next.

emma has been overweight since she was 8 months old. she is now 9 years old and i don't think she's gonna change. she's been on diet food since she was 2 years old and it obviously hasn't made a difference. like the rest of the family, she's torpid, but i'm not too worried about the cat.