Saturday, August 25, 2007

more babs hatin'

even though i don't like the undisputed queen of miniature plastic toys, the irony is that my older daughter does. some recent incidents involving the disproportionate one:

the owner and staff of our local diner dote on pooka. last christmas, she received the corvette. apparently, there was another component to the gift, as well. when we were there last week, she got another doll. the birthday version. she danced around the restaurant with it in her hands. then she placed it in front of me. when i wasn't looking, i accidentally brushed it. i swear i felt my skin burn.

at the shower today, pam and i were talking with our cousin renee about the child producing patterns of our family's 4 cousin set. pam and i were both tomboys and rugged, yet 4 out of our combined 5 children are daughters. she said to me, "why us?".

i said, "why did we get the barbie-lovin'-purse-toting-makeup-wearing-girly-girls?" i don't know.