Wednesday, August 15, 2007

on the horse again

we did another camp casey last weekend. same general program, some new people.

i was surprised that i actually knew campers there. kisu keeps saying how the children's cancer 'community' is small, but really, i don't think so. tight-knit, when recognized, but not so small, unfortunately.

anyway, i saw the daughter of an ex-coworker. she was there with her father, though, and i don't know him. i also saw a girl who was at the duchess event at children's hospital back in november. i struck up a conversation with her mother and found out that she has a heart deformity, among other things, but not cancer. their family actually moved to michigan from arizona to get her the best treatment they could find. as if dealing with a sick child isn't enough; to have to deal with the stress of moving across country! oh yeah, i also saw the caricature artist who drew pooka and i at last year's company kids day. now that's a small world!

so this time pooka got her trot on. a little bit, anyway. they had a large riding ring, but were only using about 2/3 of it. the distance trotted was only about 20 feet, and when you subtract the distance/time transitioning from walk to trot, it really wasn't much. she thought it was cool, though.

they actually had a copy of the article (from the 6/23 camp) posted on their billboard in the barn! and there was another reporter there from a different newspaper. pooka got photographed again....still waiting for that article to run. maybe there's something to this fame thing.