Friday, August 17, 2007

for meritorious service

i saw these merit badges for parents here.
i think it's a cute idea, although at the same time i think it's a little hokey. who really needs to prove their parenting prowess to others? oh, right, anyone who's ever gotten dirty looks at the grocery store regardless of whether they've caved in to the candy demands or held their ground, resulting in a titanic tantrum. these are commendable achievements for dads as well as moms.

i was never in girl scouts, but since i love to collect things (yes, i'm a nerd) i always coveted the merit badges. of course, i would have felt more at home with boy scout badges than the girly versions. you know, fire making, archery, camping, instead of cookie selling, sewing, or cooking.

so i'm going to review my parenting history so far and come up with some exemplar vignettes wherein i or kisu earned our parenting merit badges.

starting with this one.