Sunday, January 28, 2007

princess party

the party was a raving success. pooka and all her friends had a blast. at the last minute, pooka wanted to add pinwheels to the menu and they were surprisingly a huge hit with the 5 year old set. the fairy wands, not so much. and actually, the cupcakes and fruit snacks were only so-so, as well. kids are funny that way. pin-the-kiss-on-the-frog and d*sney bingo were great hits, as were the dragon eggs. hannah in particular really got into the confetti. my schedule only lasted about half way through the allotted time, for the rest, they just played with the toys that pooka received as presents. a rollicking good time. pooka asked me today if i enjoyed hosting her birthday party. as if i'm being auditioned to host another one someday.... fun as it was, it was a lot of work, and a lot of prep ahead of time. mommy, daddy, granny, poppa, and gamma all helped set up, and we were all pooped afterwards. the other gparents came over later for pizza and MORE birthday cake. ugh, we are caked out. but i am very satisfied with how things went.

i am a little disappointed that pooka seems to be disillusioned at the tender age of 5. when she disdained the influence of santa claus at Christmas, i thought, "good for her, that's one less disappointment she'll have to face in a few years." but i scheduled an 'enchanted call' from ariel, pooka's current favorite princess, for saturday morning and when the call ended, pooka suspected that granny was actually on the other end of the line pranking her. she wanted to know why ariel would call her and how could she call on a real phone when she (ariel) isn't real? i've always tried to be truthful with her and i never wanted to fill her head completely with imaginary things, but i am still a little bummed, if only for her sake. has everything she's gone through, coupled with the influence of my own adult disillusionment, spoiled the wonder of childhood for her?