Wednesday, January 24, 2007

notes from the day

this morning at breakfast pooka burped. she said excuse me, but then said, " that wasn't a burp, that was toad speak." later when she farted, i asked her if that was toad speak, too. she said, "no, that was pooka fart."

clinic visit: her counts are still low. low enough to halt all meds for a week, but not to cancel her party. thank God. that would break her heart. she entertained the clinic staff heartily by exclaiming, "poppa, you're aggravating me!" they were wondering where a 5 year old picks up such a word. anyone who knows me shouldn't be at all surprised by my daughter's broad vocabulary.

my doctor visit: dr. d confirmed dr. v's assessment: i am a boring patient. "the baby is happy as a clam" and i am measuring right on schedule. good.