Tuesday, January 23, 2007

my compliments to the chef

tonight pooka and i had breakfast for dinner, since kisu is at school. pooka cracked, mixed, and seasoned the eggs. i cooked the pancakes and eggs. meanwhile, pooka toasted the bread and cut up all the fruit for the fruit salad. she was quite amazing. using a steak knife, she combined apple (i peeled it first), banana, kiwi (peeled), grapes, a couple frozen raspberries, and mandarin orange segments. lots of knife work and NO boo boos. she was so proud of herself, and i was too.

after dinner we did a reading lesson. pooka earned a sticker for the lesson, then earned a bonus star for spontaneously reading the actual title of the lesson book! she then wrote an entire line's worth of capital N's with no mistake, earning a record third star in one evening. she was ecstatic. finally, we embarked on reading the first two chapters of "Alice in Wonderland" for bedtime. a very satisfying night. sweet dreams, pooks.