Thursday, January 18, 2007

clinic visit

pooka went to clinic yesterday for the first time in a month. (YAY!) everything went well, but they do want her back next wed. for count checks- the wbc are a little low. at first, they told kisu to suspend all meds but the steroids, because the others can cause further drops in count. later dr mike called and said to go ahead and proceed with our normal routine.
pooka was very good at clinic. the only incident involved other unattended children in the waiting room raiding her backpack. i realize that everyone there is stressed to some degree and maybe even strung out with sleep deprivation, but you still need to make sure your kid isn't mauling another kid or stealing their portable dvd player right out of a backpack! pooka was furious. fortunately, kisu recovered the dvd player, but pooka was practically inconsolable over the fact that the tip of her pink crayon was broken.