Monday, January 15, 2007

rodents and water

on the way home from the store today, pooka commented that she saw a squirrel. they are pretty commonplace and i was surprised she even bothered to mention it. i replied, "yes, we have a lot of squirrels in our neighborhood." she said, " yeah, we don't get a lot of beavers, though." um, no, not really.

yesterday at church, we had a reaffirmation of baptism. it was pretty cool: they had a water sculpture on the altar and everyone filed up to cross themselves, or whatever. i, of course, was trying futilely not to cry. i'm such a sap for spiritual symbolism. anyway, i crossed not only my own forehead and heart, but my belly, as well. goofy is a pretty special kid to be baptised before he/she 's even born.