Tuesday, January 30, 2007

happy birthday pooka

today my baby is 5. where has the time gone? we have been through more than a 5 year old should have to endure. she is such a warrior and an amazing person. i am very proud to be her mommy.

this morning at breakfast, we talked about that day 5 years ago. i mentioned that i hadn't been allowed to eat all day, and when the staff finally scavenged me some food at 11 pm, i overcame my reluctance and tried rice pudding. i told pooka that might be when i developed my liking for it. after eating what i could, i got a shower while the nurse bathed pooka. she piped in with, "maybe that's when i started liking baths so much." (i doubt it, since you screamed bloody murder as a 5 minute old baby, but ok.) then they put me in a recovery room around 1 where i could try to get some sleep. around 2, they brought pooka to me because she was hungry. i said that is probably why she still likes to eat in the middle of the night. she thought that was quite funny.

this evening, even though i wanted us to spend some very special time, i got a little frustrated and short tempered. i'm sorry, sweetie. i hope that you had a wonderful day anyway. i love you.