Thursday, February 1, 2007

don't drink the water

..unless you want to get pregnant. i have an amazingly long list of people that i know who are pregnant. 3 of us on my floor at work alone. i've never noticed before that this kind of thing goes in batches. when i was pregnant with pooka, my circle of acquaintances was a) smaller and b)not of the baby having age or variety. this time around, partially because of already having pooka, i know a lot more married couples and couples who are adding to their families. it's incredible. i don't know where that water came from, but i should find some and give it to the friends i just found out are trying to make a baby.

*****edited 2/6***** move one from the pregnant list to the post-partum. my cousin D had a baby boy on 2/1. congratulations!