Monday, February 19, 2007

taste the rainbow

i have the hardest time getting anyone in my house to eat fresh fruit. every week i load up on bananas, apples, and other seasonal goodies. every week, i am the only one eating them. this morning i put my foot down and explained how many varieties we had and how pooka and daddy could 'eat a rainbow' today:
RED: apples
ORANGE: fresh oranges, cantaloupe, or packaged mandarins
YELLOW: bananas
GREEN: grapes or kiwis
BLUE: uhhh, sorry, nothing here
VIOLET: plums

when i got home, pooka informed me that she had taken care of the green and orange categories. plus, we had squash for dinner, so we are getting closer to the goal of 5 servings of fruit/veggies per day.


pooka and i looked through the photo album of her first 6 months. i particularly wanted to show her the progressive pix we took every month of her first year in the papasan chair. i am planning to do that with the new baby, too, and i thought maybe pooka would like to participate, since she loves photography so well. it was, as always, amazing to see the progression from 4 weeks to 1 year.
from this to this


tonight at bedtime, kisu really got pooka going. she loves to hide, and was under her blanket when kisu came up for the bedtime ritual. we pretended that pooka wasn't there, and so he laid down on the bed, which made her giggle. he pretended to be spooked and scooped up blanket and pooka to look beneath. this was repeated over and over. she laughed harder than she has in weeks. it was so good to hear after the times we've been through when she would not laugh at all for days. there's nothing like hearing a child laugh.