Saturday, February 17, 2007


we had quite the busy day today: making pies at church, megan's bday party, tantrum, housecleaning, dinner.
this morning we were at church at 9 am to help make apple pies for sale tomorrow during coffee hour. i did a pretty good job, if i do say so myself. at least, i didn't have to throw out my first attempt at dough like some others. pooka was upstairs playing with a friend from sunday school. kisu was supposed to come and help, but he had a review at school today. he thought it was going to be 2 1/2 lasted almost 8. i made 2 whole pies and one little tart. i bought the tart myself to take home.

at noon, we crossed the street to megan's house for her bday party. pooka stayed there and had pizza and make a build-a-bear dog. i went grocery shopping and then home to work on the guest room. i did two loads of laundry and transferred 3 drawers full of clothes, plus my shoes and a table full of books. then i filled a bag with garbage and one bag with donations. (by the way, Easter Seals finally came by today to pick up the donations off the porch. woohoo!)

when i went to pick up pooks i figured she would be exhausted, so i brought a book with me, in readiness to hang out in hines park for awhile as she napped in the truck. i knew she would never nap if i brought her straight home. she finally fell asleep as we turned onto our block, so we sat in the garage for 15 minutes or so. when i brought her inside, she lapsed into a major tantrum because she didn't want chicken for dinner. oy. an hour and a half later, kisu came home. today left me with a good feeling of accomplishment vis-a-vis cooking. i prepped dinner: marinated chicken, baked squash, prepared rice, and cut up a cantaloupe. the best part: all the timing came together and the cooking food was ready and warm all at the same time and ready to serve right as i finished cutting up the melon. yay me!

one of pooka's new favorite shows is mythbusters. i'm impressed that she wants to watch this, but i don't know if she's picking up any science-or if she just likes to watch things blow up. that's mostly why kisu and i watch it, anyway. 8-) her favorite part, though, is at the conclusion of the experiments, when she gets to yell, "BUSTED!" even if the myths were confirmed.