Sunday, February 18, 2007

yes, but do you like moo goo gai pan?

this morning, the television informed pooka that it is chinese new year. in celebration of this, one of her favorite channels is playing lots of 'jake long:american dragon'. somewhere in this show, the grandfather speaks chinese. with pooka's memorex-like skills and penchant for language, she picked it up and repeated it to us. it may have meant something profound or affectionate when the grandfather said it; to us it sounded like, "i eat bok choy."


this afternoon while relaxing in the big bed, i caught pooka picking her nose. she was being extremely silly and trying to wipe the boogers on me. when i told her to take care of them, she responded with, "what would happen if we put them in a pot of hot water?" what?! i told her that was gross, but she insisted she wanted to know. i said, "you need to talk to your father, 'cuz he's gross like that." she didn't argue. i applaud her inquisitiveness and exploring mind, but what in the world would possess someone to try and cook boogers???