Wednesday, February 7, 2007

the next best thing

tonight after dinner, kisu and pooka were wrestling. pooka likes to do this, but totally wimps out when she starts to lose, as she always does. she turns into a sniveling baby, but as soon as kisu lets her go, she pounces on him again. i guess we need to teach her how to be a gracious loser...
tonight kisu had a supply of blankets and used them to tie her up. he had one around her ankles and one around her wrists. she was like a roped calf. it was pretty hilarious actually. she managed to get the blanket off her wrists pretty quickly, but she hopped around the living room for quite some time before finally getting rid of the ankle ties. then she was out for revenge. kisu let her get to him a little bit, but she couldn't do the same sort of thing to him. she said, " since i can't tie, i'm gonna tuck you up." kisu nearly peed himself laughing so hard.