Saturday, February 24, 2007

superhero daddy and the insomnia kid

this morning at breakfast, pooka asked what fame was. i told her it was when you go somewhere and everybody knows you. she said, "i'm famous." yeah, at some places. but famous is when you're recognized anywhere. i explained to her that there is a downside to being famous, too, in that you never have any privacy. that is why some people, like hann*h mont*na or spiderm*n have secret identities. i said we could ask daddy about other super heroes who have secret identities. she said, "he's a real superhero, isn't he?" (there's no way to reproduce the tone of her voice when she said this). i asked, "who? daddy? he sure is." she said, "he lifts me up to the top of my play area to reach my bears." apparently, this is all it takes to qualify as a superhero. but for the record, i think kisu's a superhero, too.


pooka hates to take naps, even if she desperately needs them. the chemo often makes her more tired than she realizes. today, i told her that when we came home from the birthday party, she needed to clean her play area, unless she needed to take a nap first (she needs to clean the play area, regardless). so the only two options she had upon returning home were to nap or to clean. so as we were leaving the party, she said, "let's go, mommy, i'm ready to take my nap." so excited is she to move into the guest room, that when we got home she promptly stripped and grabbed some blankets to lay down on the bare mattress in there. at one point, daddy called and she told him that she wasn't sleepy, even though she could barely muster enough consciousness to talk at all. after several bumps in the road, we ended up sleeping together in the big bed. she slept for 2 hours, even after i got up.
the other day, while snuggling with kisu on the couch, she declared, "daddy, i'm not the least bit tired," less than 5 minutes later, she was completely unconcious.