Tuesday, February 13, 2007

new hat

kemmer at CE made pooka a hat, without knowing her measurement. it's actually big on me, but it is very cute and she still liked it. she has made it her indoor hat, and, in fact, turned it into a crown.
this week we were packing up clothes to be picked up by Easter Seals. i wanted to get rid of one of pooka's old blankets that never really got used and didn't match any of our bedrooms or linens. she saw me pull it out of her closet, though, and declared that it was her favorite blanket and that she couldn't bear to part from it. i doubted this, since she didn't even know about it, that's how long it's been in the closet, but she sobbed and sobbed. so i let her have one last night with it, . she has not let it out of her sight yet. i guess we can keep it for awhile longer....
by the way, Easter Seals did not pick up our donations yesterday. they are still sitting on the porch, now covered in snow.

today pooka told daddy that she was very tired because "raising a cat is hard work".

we finally decided on the decoration scheme for pooka's new room. we have not been able to find a reasonable bedding set featuring ariel. by reasonable, i mean one with actual mermaid-y, oceanic colors. who really believes that merfolk live in a pink and purple environment? what is the deal with d*sney? why is it mandatory that every item aimed at girls be inundated with pink and purple? each of the princesses in their portfolio have their own associated color: blue for cindy, yellow for belle, etc. but when they market them in other items, they all get lumped together with pink and purple!! ridiculous! even worse: we found a set of bedding with ariel that was blue, but it was only in toddler bed size. that's a crib sheet, basically. why is it ok for toddler girls to be around blue, but not older girls?!?
anyway, pooka had her heart set on the bedding, but when we explained about how it wouldn't match the dark blue walls, and then how it would be ridiculous to paint sea creatures on a pink or purple wall, she decided to keep her old bedding . we basically asked if it was more important to have ariel on her sheets or on her walls, and she chose walls, as long as she could still have her accessories (seahorse light fixture, flounder pillow, etc.) which is great for us, because it means a lot less work, actually. we will paint the ceiling, pull up the blue carpet, and put down a remnant (i'm thinking something that looks like a sandy ocean floor). then get to painting the characters on the walls. i'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.