Monday, February 12, 2007


well, we got the estimate from the repair shop on kisu's car: ruptured rear brake cylinder, so the whole brake system basically needs to be reconstructed, to the tune of 586 bones. then there's still an issue with the front end, but the garage is going to try to work it into some kind of warranty issue....i'm just thankful that it didn't take an accident to find out about the problems.

**edited 2/13 motor mounts about to collapse and catalytic converter shot, oil pan loose and valve cover leaking. issues one and two are going to be fixed now, the others later. all for 1000$--oh and an oil change, too. the ironic thing is : the guy who runs the shop wants to buy the car...too bad we can't take him up on that right now...knowing the condition it's in, i wonder what the heck he wants it for?