Sunday, February 25, 2007


kisu and i went to an oscar party at the home of one of my coworkers. pooka had a total meltdown as we were leaving. clearly, we do not leave her with babysitters often enough--and the sitters were granny and poppa.
anyway, the party was very nice. the host and his helpers went to the limit in designing themed decorations and food. movie posters were photoshopped to food-related words and names for the actors, like olive (brad) pitt, and borscht instead of borat. the foods offered matched the movie themes. we had good shepherd's pie, pan pizza labyrinth, happy wings (feet), good german chocolate cake, ,etc. many of the guests were even dressed up as characters from the nominated movies. the crowd was a very artistic one and had great appreciation for the technical categories like makeup, costume design, and art direction. even though kisu knew no one there and i only knew 5 people, we had a very enjoyable evening out. the crappy roads didn't even bother us.