Thursday, August 30, 2007

the lions (fan) sleeps tonight

in the stadium,
the mighty stadium
the lions fan sleeps tonight.

well, not for the whole game, but she did take a power nap during the 2nd quarter.

granny, poppa, pooka, and i went to the bills/lions pre-season game at ford field tonight. daddy was supposed to go, but he got hung up at an interview (yay!), so pooka took his ticket.

she was exhausted from this first week of school, as well as her steroids, not to mention the long haul from the parking lot to the stadium...AND the trek around the stadium. we entered directly opposite where our seats were located (for some reason they wouldn't let us cut through the middle). that's a LOT of walking. even the adults were a bit winded.

it's the first time we had ever been to ford field. it's a nice place. there were quite a few bills fans there. (there was even a guy wearing an authentic gilbert perrault jersey autographed by the french connection!!) pooka asked who we were rooting for. it was a mixed bag: poppa wasn't really rooting for either team, since the bucs weren't playing; granny was rooting for the bills; pooka was rooting for the lions; and i was rooting for both (although i did have a bills shirt on). we covered the whole gamut.

i'm glad we'll get a chance to go back again (for the bucs game on 10/21), because i feel i didn't properly appreciate just how CLOSE we were to the action. 14 rows up just to the left of the goal posts in the end zone is a good place to see. but i forgot that and kept watching the game on the big screen. plus, next time, i won't have to keep a portion of my brain disengaged from the game in order to monitor a child. it'll be nice to see the regular starters playing, too. that way i have a chance of actually knowing who the heck made the play. i look forward to having kisu point out details of the game that you don't experience watching on tv.

the stadium gets even more props from me since i was able to find a place to pump. our seats were only 2 sections away from a first aid station where the nurse let me commandeer an electrical outlet.

i mentioned that i probably had a strange request and she said no. color me surprised to find out i'm not the only woman to try and pump breast milk at a professional football game.