Wednesday, October 17, 2007

wedding recap

so last weekend we were in aunt ali's wedding. by we i mean me, pooka, and aunt pami.

we have yet to recover.

not that we're hung over or anything like that. we're the wrong age to be drinking like that. (actually, i never drank like that.) no, no, no. we're sick with colds.

see, all three of us had something lingering before. after spending the afternoon in strapless dresses in 50 degrees and more-than-breezy winds, the germs have stepped up their attacks. not only was the ceremony outside, but the extra photo session was in the (breathtaking) landscaped backyard of ali's friend scott. the pictures will be gorgeous, if the photog can photoshop out the goosebumps.

the wedding itself was very nice. i had steeled myself not to cry, since i didn't have anywhere to stash tissues, but i couldn't help tearing up when i saw the groom crying. sucker so sweet.

i was concerned about the logistics of being in a wedding party while still nursing a baby. i was right to be concerned. while we were getting hair, nails, and dressed, bug was too stimulated to sleep or eat properly. once we got to the reception, it was more of the same. i had kisu give her a jar of food (yes, i allowed jarred food-for convenience while traveling out in the boonies of town.)

i tried to nurse once after dinner in the nicely appointed restroom. it was quite a trick to get the dress's bodice clear of my breasts. the silicone cup-holder flopped like a live appendage in my lap. oh, boy. (my milk had let down twice during the day, so i was sure there would be a river of milk escaping when i took that thing off. turns out, it was just a small trickle.) and then the company. pooka insisted on accompanying and entertaining me while i fed bug. coupled with the steady stream of visitors to the loo, well, have i mentioned that bug is easily distracted while nursing? eventually, kisu took her out to the parking lot and let her sleep in the truck while i completed my bridesmaid duties. once the ritual dances were done, we lit out for my uncle's house where we were staying.

personally, i had a good time. i feel like i totally rocked my dress, although i ditched the shoes at my earliest chance. (why in heaven did i decide to wear 2" heels when i haven't worn heels since my wedding 8 years ago?) my only problem with the whole proceedings is the language that bombarded pooka in the limo. as the flower girl, she was entitled, nay required to ride with us. she should not have had to absorb the steady stream of profanity and snark that came from the other passengers who were supposed to be adults. yeah, it was a celebration and there was drinking, but come on. there were two kids in the limo. a little consideration for innocent ears isn't much to ask.

pooka has a spinal tap next week. while she's under anesthesia, i'm considering asking the doctor to erase last weekend from her memory.