Sunday, October 21, 2007

i'm a good luck charm

so says myself.

we went to the lions game today. with dad and tina, who were decked out in bucs gear. coincidentally, there was a pocket of bucs fans where we were seated.

upon entering, the security guys check all bags. i brought my pump with me again. last time, i got no comments. this time, the guy asked if i had a baby with me.

i said, "no, that's why i have the breastpump."

he said, "then why do you have all this baby stuff with you?"

i said, "if i had the baby, i wouldn't need the breastpump!"

"oh." he was an "older" man, and i don't think he even knows what a breastpump is.

there were a few drunk people seated around us, which made for bonus entertainment, until one in particular got stupid in addition to silly and started calling the bucs fans losers and betches, etc. (some of these opposing fans were minors.) he got hauled away sometime in the second half, but then must have convinced his babysitters that he sobered up because he returned with about 5 minutes left in the game. he wasn't sobered up. there was some kind of altercation in the section next to us. although many people in our area stood up to ogle, we never did find out what happened. i don't understand why people feel it necessary to attack fans of the opponent. cheer your team and get on with it. live and let live.

anyway, the lions won, but it wasn't very pretty. tampa made a lot of errors although they did have some steady play. they had one drive that took 16 plays. the crowd was very much into the spirit and caused several false starts and time-outs. (my throat hurts now from cheering.)

at first, dad and tina were talking a little smack, but they soon quieted down. i felt bad for them.

on the walk back to the truck we decided to stop and eat dinner. surprisingly, we were seated immediately. dinner was great, and afterwards we walked to the ice cream place, and then finally to the truck, where dad managed to find some more displaced bucs fans, from canada, no less!

and on top of that lovely afternoon, the bills won, too! kisu and i watched scores all day to keep tabs on our pool picks. he went against buffalo, the fool. i did not. never pick against your home team-unless they're playing the patriots.