Wednesday, October 24, 2007

despite the hospital

this was an awesome mommy/pooka day.

we played on the new touch screen game consoles at clinic, read a book (with lots of drum noises from mommy, despite my sore throat), drew, talked, laughed, defused potential tantrums, ate out, went to the library, used the computer catalog to find books (dewey decimal code and everything!), did a pumpkin experiment, made cookies.

phew. i'm re-exhausted just thinking back on all we did.

seriously, this was one of the best clinic visits ever in terms of attitude and behavior. those game consoles totally ROCK! i wanted to stay and play longer.

when we were at the restaurant, pooka commented on the background music:

pooka:"this is farm music."

why? p:"because farm music's played on a banjo, and that's a banjo playing, isn't it?"

mommy:"yes it is."

p:"they should play some michigan music."

m:"what kind of music is that?"

p:"pussyc*t dolls, laurie b*rkner, stuff in english."

p:"farms are in different countries and states, and they don't speak english in other countries."

sorry, rest of the usa, you don't speak our language.