Monday, October 8, 2007

locate my butt

our friend noel is very nervous about becoming a dad. he's not very comfortable around babies. he's more comfortable with teenagers, because he does theater work with a local high school.

while we were discussing funny ways to deprave your children parenting theories, he regaled me with some of the more roguish scams that teens are perpetrating these days. like conning doctors into prescribing high-dosage ritalin for them. and then selling it, because they don't really have a.d.d. apparently, you can find detailed instructions for feigning symptoms of this disorder on the internet. who knew the internet could be so subversive?

the other story he told concerned duping the tracking functionality of a cell phone. in this manner, the teen could be wherever he wanted, while still in touch with his phone, which is in a place that is acceptable to the parents.

as an aside, noel confided that he was totally getting a gps-enabled phone for his kid.

determined not to be hoodwinked, i said we were gonna skip the phone and have lojak implanted directly in pooka's ass.