Wednesday, October 10, 2007


i took a half day today to take bug to therapy and then to her 6 month checkup.

i did not foresee the checkup taking 2 hours. by the time i dropped her off at daycare, it was later than i had planned, so i called up work and asked if anything was going on. it's a looong commute, and not worth the mileage on my vehicle if i don't get at least 4 hours in.

i stayed home.

and did way more work than i would have done at work.

5 loads of laundry.
emptied/loaded the dishwasher.
made baby food.
scrubbed the kitchen floor on hands and knees. wiped up the pureed sweet potato that i tracked across the floor with my shoes.
culled pooka's schoolwork papers. (shh, don't tell her i filed them in the recycle bin.)
pumped twice.
changed sheets on our bed and pooka's.
put mints on the pillows.
purged old magazines into the recycle bin.
cleaned litter box/random cat poop.
strangled the cat.
watched bones and house on tivo. (while i was folding- not slacking.)
emptied garbages.
cleaned up bug's room. (it was a disaster area, as we were slowly transitioning from 3 month clothes to 6 month clothes.)

the main floor of the house is in much better shape than it has been for quite awhile. our schedules don't allow for frequent cleaning. (our personalities don't allow it, either, but let's blame the 'schedules', ok?)

the basement? a project for another day.

so bug's checkup:
26" and 15.6 pounds. (i think that's right on schedule, but then why is she straining the length on her 6-9 month sleepers?)

although i have been worried about making enough milk, the doc said, "this baby is not underfed." regarding the future of my production, she said it would be ok to either add a small bottle of formula or make fewer but bigger bottles of milk and give her 2 servings of solids per day at daycare.

regarding her head, the doc is sending us to a neurologist. she's worried that there may be premature fusion of one of the cranial seams. although the therapist thinks that bug is making good progress, i guess it can't hurt to have the neurologist check. talk about anxiety. thank God for our health insurance.

bug got 4(!) shots today. the nurses teamed up on her and each jabbed twice. the theory is to get all the trauma over with as soon as possible and in her case it works. (this is why i try to clear her nose and administer medicine back to back and withhold the comforting until it's all done-as opposed to kisu's idea of trauma, comfort, and repeat.) she didn't start crying until they were removing the first set of needles and she stopped about 30 seconds after they removed the second set. 10 minutes later, she was babbling and laughing again. what an amazing kid.