Saturday, October 20, 2007

and then the fever came

it's not bad enough that bug has had coughs and stuffy nose for almost 4 weeks, on wednesday she spiked a fever.

it was nothing like pooka's fevers at this age, but still. pooka was the queen of fevers. i guess she figured if you were gonna get one, you might as well burn it up. she regularly hit 103 and 104, and even clocked in at 105.5 once.

bug stayed around 100-101 until it finally broke this afternoon. she has the same sick-time disposition as her sister, though. you could hardly tell there was anything wrong with her. she was the same laid-back, giggly bug as always. the only tell-tale differences were the decreased appetite and the extra sleepiness.

we were giving her alternating doses of tylen*l and ibupr*fen to help keep her temp down. the ty wasn't helping much until i called the doc to get an accurate dose. turns out we were giving less than half of what she could have taken. DOH!

i stayed home with her on thursday and kisu was with her on friday. killed his plans for the day, but at least neither of us missed another day of work. (i have 2 days left, but i'm taking one this week for pooka's clinic visit.)

so now the fever is gone, but the snottys are back with a vengeance. poor kid.