Wednesday, October 3, 2007


after our last dismal outing, we were rescued by a call from HR informing us that we won a wildcard spot in the next round. (the secretary drew our name from a pool of this round's losing teams.) hallelujah! a chance for redemption.

the next match was scheduled for monday, so i called a team practice friday at noon. we scouted our designated court and practiced specific scenarios. we also had a chance to talk out some strategy and set our bowling order.

monday it rained like the dickens, so i called our opponents (the same team we had just lost to, by the way. crazy bracket.) and we rescheduled for tuesday. tuesday came around and they left a message to say they had client meetings all day. i wanted to call that a forfeit since they bailed on a mutually agreed upon time. HR said that we had until wednesday noon to play our match or one of us would have to forfeit. the finals are scheduled for thursday and there were special preparations to be made beforehand, hence the deadline. we rescheduled for today noon.

the weather held out and both teams showed. we quickly fell behind 3-0, but turned it around and never looked back. apparently, the extra practice session was beneficial, as we won handily, 21-8.

there is going to be a grand presentation and pizza luncheon for the company during tomorrow's championship matches. the winners get trophies and champagne, and of course the money for their charity. we're all very excited, but kind of nervous having a large audience. hopefully we can keep it together and bring it home for clf.