Thursday, October 4, 2007

2007 Bocce Charity Challenge Champions

are not us.

i am taking this very badly. i had such high hopes.

in reality, it was a huge accomplishment to make it to the finals out of 44 teams.

but i'm thinking about those shots i made that went completely off course. the shots i made that were right on target, but short on speed.

that's typical me. my own worst critic. never good enough. (i made some crucial point-winning shots, too.) props to the other team. they used the backhanded technique that can be deadly accurate.

honestly? i had a blast. how many companies would let you waste up to 10 hours, paid, to goof around on the grass? and serve beer to you and your throngs of adoring fans coworkers while you play? and give you a free t-shirt with which to boast about your truancy?

the bottom line is some deserving charities are going to be the recipients of a small pot of gold. good for them.

next season? totally doing two-a-days.