Thursday, October 25, 2007

you won't see me in an allstate commercial

you know that recent allstate commercial, where jonas blaine from the unit the spokesman talks about all the things people try to do while driving?

well, i don't apply makeup (ever), or shave, or change my clothes while driving, but i do pump breast milk.

that's right, i did. twice. while driving. without a fancy bra-holder contraption.

it wasn't pretty and it wasn't very effective. but it was a case of better this than nothing. both times i was in a predicament of not having a better opportunity to get it done for several more hours.

the second time i was 'detaching' in the parking lot at work when someone pulled into the spot next to me. he got an eyeful of something he was probably not expecting. or maybe he was.

i knew i should have parked in the back of the lot.