Saturday, October 27, 2007

greatest hits on cd

bet you don't have a picture of your kid's cat scan on disk.

i do. courtesy of a visit to the er friday.

let me back up.

thursday night bug fell off the bed and whacked her head on the wall/floor. she raised a good lump that disappeared within 5 minutes and spent the rest of the evening acting normally. (i spent the rest of the evening in self-flagellation for letting my baby fall off the bed.)

friday morning she was fine, but i informed sarah at daycare what had happened and asked her to be on the lookout for odd behavior.

meanwhile, i had a conversation with kisu about trying to get bug in to the doctor to evaluate this cough she still hasn't kicked. after the fever broke, the cough got worse. it got juicy. kisu's opinion is that i habitually overreact to baby snot and it's causes. i freely admit to being a hypochondriac, but sometimes it's justified.

sarah called around noon to tell me that, in her opinion, bug was not herself. she wasn't sleeping, wasn't rolling around as usual, and was excessively irritable and clingy.

i called kisu and then the doctor's office. i explained the whole scenario to the nurse on the phone, and it was her expert opinion that bug was most likely fine, but we should take her to the er to waste a $100 co-pay make sure.

so pile on the guilt. we have better ways to spend the money, and if i had been paying attention like i should have, this situation would never have occurred, and even worrying about the money when my kid's health is at stake.

kisu and i determined that i would take bug to the er and he would stick with his plans to take pooka shopping for a halloween costume later that day.

when i retrieved bug from daycare, the shift had changed and diane's observations showed that bug was just fine. oh, well. i already blew the day, i might as well take her and get that cough checked. two medical complaints for that price seems a little more reasonable.

the er doc was certain that bug was fine and decided against a cat scan at first based on the difficulty in getting a baby to sit still in the machine. after i told her about the torticollis and the neurologist appointment next week she changed her tune. "they'll probably want a cat scan anyway, so we might as well do it as long as you're here. and a chest xray for that cough."

the cat scan machine? not bug's favorite carnival ride. well, she's never ridden any others, but i'm pretty sure she'll like those better when she does.

the xray actually wasn't that bad. i remember pooka doing much worse when she had hers done at 9 months. but they used a different restraining contraption for her.

conclusion: bug is fine. neither diagnostic showed anything to concern the doctor. and we go to the neurologist fore-armed.

p.s. why does my family make a ritual october visit to the er?? kisu has done it twice, i believe, both times when i was pregnant. pooka did it at 9 months and then of course at 3.5. now bug. what the hell??